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Are you taking on any new patients?

No, we are currently not taking on any new patients at this time.

How can I find out if my machine is on the recall list?

Philips Respironics recommends the immediate cessation of use of your device. They recommend you work with your physician or Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider to determine the most appropriate options for continued treatment. They also recommend you register your device on their recall website: There you will be able to register your device, and obtain current information on the status of the recall. If you have the DreamMapper app installed on your phone, tablet, or other device, you can also obtain current news regarding the recall.

Why is Philips Respironics recalling their devices?

Philips Respironics is voluntarily recalling their devices due to 2 issues related to the polyester-based polyurethane (PE-PUR) sound abatement foam. The reasons being 1) PE-PUR foam may degrade into particles which may enter the device’s air pathway and be ingested or inhaled by the user, and 2) the PE-PUR foam may off-gas certain chemicals. Please read their official letter here.

Which machines have been recalled by Philips Respironics?

All devices manufactured before April 26, 2021 – ALL SERIAL NUMBERS

  • Continuous Ventilator, Minimum Ventilatory Support, Facility Use
    • E30 (Emergency Use Authorization)
  • Continuous Ventilator, Non-life Supporting
    • DreamStation ASV
    • DreamStation ST, AVAPS
    • SystemOne ASV4
    • C-Series ASV
    • C-Series S/T and AVAPS
    • OmniLab Advanced+
  • Noncontinuous Ventilator
    • SystemOne (Q-Series)
    • DreamStation
    • DreamStation Go
    • Dorma 400
    • Dorma 500
    • REMstar SE Auto

What items require a prescription to purchase?

  • All complete masks with headgear
  • Some heated tubing
  • Some standard tubing
  • Some frame systems (complete mask without headgear)
  • AS10 HumidAir water chambers
  • All CPAP & BiLEVEL devices

How often can I get new supplies through my insurance?

You can get new supplies each month, every 3 months, or every 6 months depending upon the supply/supplies and the last time your insurance was billed for the supply/supplies.  Here is the schedule:

  • Disposable filters – up to 2 per month
  • Non-disposable filters – 1 every 6 months
  • Replacement full face cushion – up to 1 every month
  • Replacement nasal cushion – up to 2 every month
  • Replacement nasal pillow – up to 2 every month
  • Replacement mask without headgear – 1 every 3 months
  • Replacement headgear – 1 every 6 months
  • Replacement tubing (standard & heated) – 1 every 3 months
  • Replacement water chamber – 1 every 6 months
  • Replacement chin strap – 1 every 6 months
  • Replacement device – Variable with documentation (Medicare is every 5 years)

If you have a deductible or a copay, you will be responsible for a portion or all of the cost of getting supplies based on your particular insurance plan.  You do not have to get every item when you are eligible.  The schedule above is used to illustrate how often you can get supplies through your insurance.  Allied MedCor Services, Inc. is not contracted with every insurance.  Please contact us to find out if we are able to bill your insurance.

How long is a prescription good for?

Prescriptions are good for 1 year from the date they are written.  It is up to the patient to get a new prescription from his/her physician/nurse practitioner each year.

How long is a sleep study good for?

Sleep studies are good for 7 years.  If you are initiating the process of obtaining a new CPAP/BiLEVEL device, insurance will require you to get another sleep study if it has been beyond the seven-year time frame since your last sleep study. Some insurances may require you to get a new sleep study when switching providers, regardless if your sleep study is current.

Can I return/exchange my CPAP/BiLEVEL supplies after purchase?

Unfortunately we do not take returns or offer exchanges on ANY CPAP/BiLEVEL masks, supplies, or devices.  Please make sure you know your size prior to purchasing any mask or mask supply.

Do I have to have a sleep study to purchase a CPAP/BiLEVEL device out-of-pocket?

No.  All we are required to have is a prescription from a physician/nurse practitioner with the settings.  You may obtain our prescription form from our “Resources” section on this page to print out to take with you for your physician/nurse practitioner to fill out.

Do you offer SD card download services?

If you are an established patient of ours, yes. Otherwise no, we do not offer SD card downloads.

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